Product Overview:

NetModeler is NetAdvantage’s newest product, comprised of three planning modules: MeshPlannerRingPlanner and HybridPlanner. Each of the three modules are supported by a card-level vendor equipment modeling library. Modules of the NetModeler allow both network operators and network equipment vendors to constructively analyze the significant advantages of ring, mesh and hybrid ring/mesh network designs. NetModeler also comes with a complete Developer’s Tool Kit, including API’s and a dynamic development environment for future client extension. Key innovations of NetModeler include a card-level vendor equipment configurator, multiple period planning, capital expenditure budgeting, revenue modeling, sophisticated solution algorithms capable of solving 2,000 node planning problems in less than five minutes! This platform allows users to rapidly design, configure and deploy switching equipment, fiber facilities and DWDM transport equipment in telecommunications and data networks. NetModeler has been updated to include “one-step” GUI browsers with the ability to map and display switching nodes, placement of DWDM systems, ILA’s, Equalizers and other equipment. With this proprietary software tool, users can identify the economic and operational impact of network architecture choices, and better determine where to place facilities and equipment to simultaneously optimize demand, service and protection routes in terms of revenue generation, cost, equipment floor space or power consumption.

NetModeler Allows the User to Evaluate Card-Level Configuration of Vendor Equipment:

With the NetModeler platform, the user can create a sophisticated card-level modeling library of vendor equipment such as:

  • Add/Drop Multiplexers;
  • OEO Edge Multiplexing Switches;
  • OEO Switches;
  • OOO Switches;
  • Integrated OEO/OOO Switches;
  • DWDM Transport Systems;
  • ILA’s;
  • Gain Equalizers;
  • Chromatic Dispersion Equalizers;
  • PMD Equalizers;
  • Regenerators;
  • Integrated OEO/DWDM Transport Systems;
  • OADM Systems;
  • Integrated OOO/OADM Systems;
  • Integrated OEO/OOO/OADM Systems;

The NetModeler platform allows the user to differentiate switching equipment by switching capacity and configuration, switch fabric type, switch fabric granularity, card port density, cost, power and floor space requirements, among others. NetModeler gives users the flexibility to model various types of DWDM transport equipment, including those having optical layer band modules, tunable lasers, “muxponders”, C, L or S-band terminal equipment, among others.

Advantages of NetModeler:

  • Utilize proprietary optimization algorithms and graphics for implementing ring, mesh and ring/mesh hybrid networks;
  • Users don’t have to wait hours to get a solution to their scenario analysis;
  • Advanced GUI that all clients find very easy to use and navigate;
  • Developer’s Tool Kit to reduce the on-going cost of modifications to the software;
  • Quickly analyze several scenarios across multiple planning periods;
  • Equipment modeling library allows for implementable card-level configuration of actual vendor equipment;
  • Create “node groups” to define local equipment placement options;
  • Capable of importing network data, topologies, and equipment;
  • True network engineering tool, modeling amplifier and equalization equipment placement;
  • Get assistance quickly through comprehensive on-line help-desk.

Answering Mission-Critical Questions Facing Network Service Providers and Equipment Vendors:

  • How do I maximize revenues for the services I expect to carry in my network?
  • How do I minimize cost of carrying current and future network traffic?
  • How do I best use my existing networking equipment? Do I cap off certain types of equipment?
  • How do I migrate from a ring topology network to a ring/mesh hybrid network? Where and when do I implement a mesh topology?
  • What are the cost and revenue implications of re-routing traffic on my existing network?
  • How sensitive are my operational expenditures (OPEX) to the design I am proposing to implement?
  • Given my capital budget for this year, how do I maximize ROI?

Advanced GUI Capabilities:

  • Animate wavelength routing and assignment for working and protection paths;
  • Display equipment configurations at each network node;
  • View DWDM layer, including optical amplifiers, regenerators and equalization equipment placed alone the DWDM route;
  • Display network sites, broken down by type and location;
  • Display all network links or adjacent links, physical and logical view
  • Display all demands, adjacent demands or 2 disconnected demands
  • Right click on links to view number of fibers, DWDM wavelengths, optical bands, and working and protection paths.

How to Get a Demonstration Copy:

To receive a demo of the complete NetModeler Design Suite, please send us an e-mail at: