Module Overview:

NetModeler’s¬†MeshPlanner module can be used by both network operators and network equipment vendors to demonstrate the advantages of mesh topology networks. MeshPlanner utilizes proprietary state-of-the-art network optimization algorithms, capable of sophisticated revenue and cost modeling. MeshPlanner also plans for the dynamic “intermediate” grooming of traffic in the middle or core of the network, depending upon the allowed vendor equipment at each network site and characteristics of individual demands. Through the innovative NetModeler equipment modeling library, users can rapidly design, configure and deploy many types of optical switches and DWDM transport systems in telecommunications and data networks. With this proprietary software module, users can identify the capital and OPEX impact of a mesh topology architecture, and better determine where and when to purchase facilities and equipment given their budgetary constraints.

MeshPlanner As a Detailed Engineering Tool:

  • Complete DWDM wavelength routing and assignment for transport of wavelengths in the C, L and S-Bands;
  • Optical Switch configurator for detailed shelf, rack and bay configuration;
  • Nodal wavelength conversion and blocking trade-off analysis;
  • Transport systems configurator for OADM and DWDM Systems, including Terminals, Transponders, ILA’s, Regenerators and Equalization Nodes;
  • Loss budgeting for amplifier placement and DWDM span design;
  • PMD, Chromatic Dispersion and Flat Gain modeling for equalization equipment placement;
  • Fiber type library with specifications for attenuation and splice loss;
  • Modeling of banded optical transport systems and tunable lasers;
  • Optimized intermediate grooming of network traffic;
  • Allow for optical bi-pass and glass-thru at selective network sites.

Realizing the Advantages of MeshPlanner:

  • Utilize fast and accurate optimization technology;
  • Consider multiple scenarios all at the same time;
  • Design the network over multiple planning periods using an in-service method or DCF network design;
  • Work with different vendor equipment configurations, routing protocols and vendor pricing discounts;
  • Plan for deployment of OEO and OOO switches, hybrid OEO/OOO switches and DWDM systems, including integrated switching and transport systems;
  • Import existing network and embedded traffic, and re-optimize existing network;
  • Visualize network costs, revenue generation and network capacity efficiencies of shared mesh restoration
  • Get assistance quickly through on line help-desk.

Truly Full-Featured Planning Module:

  • Switch fabric may have an all optical, electrical or hybrid switching fabric;
  • Electrical switches can be configured in the equipment library to groom traffic from VT1.5 to OC192;
  • Demands may be unprotected, pre-emptable, 1:1, 1+1, and 1:N or M:N shared mesh protected;
  • Demands may be specified in units of 10/100 MbE, GigE, 10 GigE, DS0, DS1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48 or OC768;
  • Node groups provide constraints on allowed equipment to be placed at designated sites;
  • Select from six different design objectives, including maximized network reliability.

MeshPlanner Advanced Network Animation Capabilities:

  • View all wavelengths in graphical and tabular format;
  • View survivable demand routes by cutting links or nodes to display restoration paths;
  • View non-survivable demand routes;
  • View DWDM systems input and output;
  • Display all network links or adjacent links, physical and logical view;
  • Display all demands, adjacent demands or 2 disconnected demands.

How to Get a Demonstration Copy:

To receive a demo of the MeshPlanner module or the complete NetModeler Design Suite, please send us an e-mail at: