Module Overview:

NetModeler’s¬†HybridPlanner module goes beyond the basic “network partitioning” solution that our competitors offer. HybridPlanner can be used by both network operators and networking equipment vendors to automate the selection, implementation and configuration of ring and mesh topologies in a single interconnected network. HybridPlanner allows users to quickly analyze and compare vendor-specific equipment in terms of cost, revenue generation, central office floor space and power consumption. HybridPlanner integrates the most advanced optimization algorithm capable of generating solutions for very large networks in a matter of seconds and minutes. Through the innovative NetModeler equipment modeling library, users can rapidly design, configure and implement many types of Switches and DWDM Transport systems in telecommunications and data networks. With this proprietary software module, users can identify the capital and OPEX impact of a hybrid topology architecture, and better determine where and when to purchase facilities and equipment given their budgetary constraints.

HybridPlanner As a Detailed Engineering Tool:

  • Utilize existing network topologies and already implemented networking equipment with embedded traffic;
  • Optimize topology selection and configuration using serveral design objectives;
  • Manually assign demand routes;
  • Define networking equipment for SONET/SDH ADM’s, Switches, Edge Multiplexing Equipment and DWDM Systems;
  • Constrain the traffic routing based on hops, distance or load sharing criteria, among many more others;
  • Design networks for additional redundancy;
  • Model both 2-F and 4F BLSR from OC3 to OC768, as well as UPSR rings;
  • Set minimum and maximum transport rates across fiber links or between sites;
  • Re-route existing demands over existing network to achieve operational efficiencies;
  • Model ADM’s and Switches capable of grooming traffic down to the VT1.5 level;
  • Design and implement DWDM Systems, including amplifiers, equalization nodes and regenerators;
  • Model PMD and Chromatic Dispersion at the physical layer;
  • Select and unselect intermediate grooming and ring interconnection sites.

Compelling Features of HybridPlanner:

  • Utilizes quick and accurate optimization algorithms;
  • Complete suite of network design options, allowing user to constrain the ring and mesh topology design, traffic routing and wavelength assignment;
  • Demands may be specified in units of 10/100 MbE, GigE, 10 GigE, DS0, DS1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48 or OC768;
  • Work with NetModeler vendor equipment library to model specific vendor solutions;
  • Segregate network sites by allowed vendor equipment “groups”;
  • Define sites by Switch, Hub, CO, Hub, POP, CPE;
  • Get help quickly through on-line help desk.

Making Complex Decision-Making Easier for Network Operators and Vendors:

  • Minimize network cost;
  • Create new revenue generating services;
  • Configure networking equipment and calculate floor space and power consumption at each site;
  • Analyze fiber consumption;
  • Perform network sensitivity and reliability analysis;
  • Specify statistical probability constraints for optimization scenarios.

How to Get a Demonstration Copy:

For a demo of the HybridPlanner module or the complete NetModeler Design Suite, please send us an e-mail at: demos@netadvantageinc.com