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Keeping communications and equipment working on the front lines 

  • NetAdvantage's modelers, in partnership with Systems View (http://www.systemsview.com/SV/default.aspx), analyzed failure time and frequency data for communications, power, and other equipment deployed by the U.S. military.  The resulting predictive models and recommendations will help to improve the reliability and availability of equipment deployed on the front lines. (2009)


New books contribute to practical risk analysis methods for infrastructure networks and complex systems. 

  • NetAdvantage's president, Dr. Tony Cox, has written a new book on Risk Analysis of Complex and Uncertain Systems (Springer, 2009),.  This book shows how to apply operations research and mathematical models to improve risk management of engineering and scientific systems that are too complex or uncertain to allow the consequences of current choices to be predicted with certainty (http://www.springer.com/business/operations+research/book/978-0-387-89013-5).
  • Dr. Cox also contributed chapters on designing resilient telecommunications networks and defending infrastructure against terrorist attacks, to a new book on Game Theoretic Risk Analysis of Security Threats (Bier and Azaiez, 2009, http://www.springer.com/engineering/production+eng/book/978-0-387-87766-2). 


NetAdvantage models dramatically improve accuracy of forecasts of customer behaviors

  • For Comcast Cable, working in partnership with North Highland consulting company, NetAdvantage's modelers created a novel customer churn predictive risk assessment model that successfully predicts which customers are most likely to drop services and accounts – long before the drops occur, while there is still time to intervene effectively.  Compared to existing commercial predictive models for customer churn, the new NetAdvantage model was more than twice as effective in identifying high-risk customers early on.  (June, 2008)
  • For Qwest Communications, NetAdvantage's simulation modeling experts, working in partnership with North Highland consulting company, created a predictive simulation model that quantified customer willingness to adopt improved web portals to manage telecommunications services. The model quantified cost savings and staffing implications from increased use of portal-based network management services (2006-7).
  • For a telecommunications equipment manufacturer, NetAdvantage created a model to predict the numbers and types of equipment failures expected in future years, based on historical failure data for equipment items manufactured in different years (2006).

NetAdvantage Delivers World Class SONET/SDH and Optical Layer Network Planning Suite to Tellabs - March, 2003

NetAdvantage Provides Strategic Consulting Services and Software to Major Satellite Network Provider - September, 2002

NetAdvantage Works with Sprint to Deliver Network Cost Modeling Toolset - July, 2002

NetAdvantage Extends RingPlanner to Model Next Generation Cross-Connect ADMs for Sprint - June, 2002

NetAdvantage Introduces Broadband Configurators - March, 2002

NetAdvantage Delivers Dark Fiber Network Planning Tool to Sprint - September, 2001

NetAdvantage Delivers MeshPlanner™ and RingPlanner™ Network Planning Modules to Sprint - July, 2001

NetAdvantage Delivers Network Optimization Suite to Redback Networks - June, 2001

Astral Point Communications Signs Teaming Agreement With
NetAdvantage, Inc. As Preferred Provider of Optical Network Planning Tools
- March, 2001


"Reaching Out for Optimization"






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